Its Always hard When you have to pay Etsy Fees

Every month, when the 15th of the month approaches, the soul-searching begins againת
Another month of losing money, why are they not buying.
So where are we standing


Right now we have 450 products at the shopWe added a new line of products Plus size leggings that have to our opinion great potentialThe traffic raised form 145 visits a month in Dec to 1385 visits on Jun and keep goingThe shower curtains category gets a lot of views We made a Pinterest campaign the had an excellent CTR


We are bleeding money we had a gross income of $550 we spend on Etsy plus almost $1082 and $250 on the Pinterest campaign, So right now we are on Negative balance of -$1000.The ratio of views to favorites is pathetic, We don't have any product that is "Babe magnet "Even if we bring traffic, it doesn't convert to salesPlan As I know from my experience this is the stage when most sellers give up, you invested half a year you lost USD 1000, we have to close the business, We decided a…

Plus size Yoga leggings

Good morning - This is my Pod diary So what have we doing today,

Printify added Plus Size Yoga leggings to their catalog. 

Plus size clothing is one of the high demand categories on Etsy So Daphna thought it might be a good idea to add this product to our shop.

We created a new section Plus Size Legging created 6 new listings with this product 
Two of the products has roses print on it, and the other has geometric prints,
The products were added a week ago and right now didn't get traffic at all

I Changed some of the titles this morning, and I am going to make a Pinterest paid campaign for this product

It seems that Pinterest is working very well in the last 3 months, I don't see any rise in sales, but after I deliver traffic to Etsy I can see an increase in organic traffic inside Etsy

Print on demand biggest Challenge is choosing the right products

Well, you have decided to sell Print on demand products.

The first step will be to choose the right products. What are the right products? 

Well, for me, as an Internet marketer, the answer is straightforward: You have to choose products that have a lot of demand and minor competition.

So can you find these products?

Since we are selling on Etsy, I went to Printify site. Downloaded the list of all products at Printify site into an XLS document.

To find Blue ocean products, I am using 3 tools:

ERNAKMarmaladeAnd a Chrome Extension which gives me search estimates in google.I took the imported listfrom Printify and searched for the product in the tools mentioned above.

What I was looking for is a crucial word with enough search volume and low competition, so after 2 days I found this list.

As we expected, competition is high for most keywords. But during the process, several long tails were discovered, which have relatively high search volume and low competition.

We look forward to seeing you on o…

Puralinio - Establishing a POD business

Hi Welcome to our new blog 

Let me introduce ourselves

Daphna Dotan - Textile Designer for many years

Dror Arbel - Internet marketer for many years

We are the proud founders of Puralinio - A POD Brand

Daphna and I met a few years ago. Daphna launched a printable art shop on Etsy and was looking online marketing assistance. We worked for a short time, but there weren't enough margins with this kind of products for working together. 

At the last two years, we stumble into the trendy world of POD - Print on demand, which 
each one of us found exciting and attempting

POD, in Theory, is a utopia for Designers / online marketers, since you don't have to buy materials, you don't have to have to hold product stock. What you have to do is to open a shop on one of the e-commerce platforms. Create your products on one of the POD suppliers and upload them into your e-commerce platform and sell  

So in November 2018, we Launched Puralinio, and as always when dreams met reality, Well mu dear Wat…